• As the first phase of our journey, Bit Farm brings you Hero NFT, the exclusive passport to enter and explore the crypto farmlands.

  • Bitfarm HEROES not only grants you access to the game but also unlocks exciting future collections. We're not just focused on our community, we're building a game for everyone. That's why we'll include other high-quality NFT collections as additional entry options. Our goal is to create an inclusive experience where everyone can participate and enjoy the game.

  • Just imagine the incredible scene of being able to touch the grass and farm alongside your loved ones in the most memorable blockchain. It's truly a breathtaking sight, isn't it? Picture yourself creating a special place with your family and friends, savoring the beauty of the moment and forging lasting memories.

Bit Lands is an exciting upcoming NFT series from Bit Farm. As the core assets of the farm world, each land has its own distinct features and resources, such as forests, mines, sea, grasslands AND SO ON, offering players the opportunity for a customized farming experience.

Choosing the right land type is crucial for players as it aligns with their character abilities and tools.

  • To Forest, provide abundant wood resources, allowing players to focus on crafting and construction activities.

  • To Mine, hold rich and valuable ore resources. Players who acquire mining lands can extract and refine ores to obtain raw materials for crafting tools, equipment, and special items.

  • To Sea, can engage in activities such as fishing, exploring marine ecosystems, or discovering rare artifacts.

  • AS the milestone for our whole journey, hEROES WILL LAUNCH ON JUNE 2023.

  • During the waiting period for the farm game to go live, we'll keep rolling out fun mini-games for players to get a taste of what's to come. These mini-games will give players a head start in collecting the resources and materials needed to build their farms once the game is launched.

  • BITLAND is the main property in BITfarm, and there's only a limited amount available. By having HEROES, you can claim these lands, which are crucial for building your own farm in the game. Plus, they offer a great investment opportunity.

  • In this game, owning a farm is like having a mining rig. You can make money and grow your wealth by building, upgrading, and collecting resources. Activities like logging, mining, farming, and fishing provide valuable items in the BitFarm world. These special assets, can be traded, sold, or used to improve your farm's abilities.

  • During this stage, we'll bring in other BTC communities to be a part of BITFARM. They'll become a important part of our game, enabling collaboration between BitFarmers in cooperative games for bigger rewards and wealth.

  • A BRC20 token created for the community. It is not only a utility but also the future.



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  • Bitfarm was founded with investment from KC and Walker and comprises experienced game designers, pixel artists, game engineers, and NFT collectors. Our core team has over 10 years of game development experience, and we are based in Asia.

  • We are strong BTC holders, deeply committed to the idea of decentralization. The emergence of ORDINALS has inspired us to contribute our skills and expertise to this ecosystem, doing what we excel at.

  • We are building a social farming game, not only for our own community but also for all BTC lovers. Our goal is to create a game as amazing as Stardew Valley or Animal Crossing, where players can enjoy immersive farming experiences and connect with each other.

  • We'll start by releasing fun mini-games for players to try out. Then, we'll launch a single-player farm game. Finally, we'll introduce a social version with multiplayer options for players to connect and play together.